Under the boardwalk


Look! It is a Great Boardwalk over a Great Pond in a Great Swamp.

4 Responses to “Under the boardwalk”

  1. Nice angle! (Did you stay dry for this shot? How much contortion did it require? Either way, I’ll bet it would have been another cool shot of you. (Don’t tell me there is a landing with a big sign saying “stand here for photos of boardwalk underside”.))

    • You’re wrong about the sign. It’s totally there. Check out the Great Swamp for yourself.

      Haha! Um. Well, the boardwalk kind of angles back here. I sort of knelt/ crouched/ got down on the boardwalk, and held my camera as close to the water as I could, and snapped a whole lot of photos until I got a few that had okay exposure and not-terrible composition.

      Thanks, John. 🙂

  2. Lovely reference. To the Drifters, those words conjured up a summer fling at Coney Island. To New Jerseyites, the image locale appears to be a convenient place to stash a corpse.


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