Mulch mulch mulch mulch mulch mulch mulch mulch.

At some point, I was looking at a map, and I noticed a mysterious brown splotch in the middle of the woods.

Brown splotch onna map

“Clearly,” said I, “I must go and explore this mysterious brown splotch on the map.”

Turns out, it is the Chatham Borough Mulch Area [link to site]. Apparently you can bring your grasses, leaves, branches, dead trees, and other landscaping remnants here, where they can be recycled into mulch.



3 Responses to “Mulchin’”

  1. So bad to see lot of trees cut,but you have done outstanding work here to catch them in your frame so artistically .Great shot, great shade……..

    • We lost a lot of trees in a couple natural disasters last year, so these might be left over from those. So don’t worry too much about the lost trees. 🙂

      Thank you for the compliment!


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