Diamond Hill School

Diamond Hill School on Diamond Hill Road

It’s the Diamond Hill School! Except it’s not a school anymore. People live here! I actually started trespassing on their tiny front lawn just as the residents emerged from the house to start loading their car. (I pretended to be taking photos of the church next door until they drove away.)

Here’s a context shot from across the street:

The former Diamond Hill School, as seen from across the street


Diamond Hill School (also sometimes known as “the Woodchuck School”) was built in 1888.

Here’s a photo of Diamond Hill School, c. 1910…

Diamond Hill School, NJ, c.1910



…and here’s a photo of it c. 1932. (Look, it even still has that little porthole on the side, near the roof!) Just two years later, in 1934, it was the last one-room schoolhouse in Union County to close.

Diamond Hill School, NJ, c.1932



It’s been maintained on its original foundations as a private residence. Hooray for preserving history!



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