Bell Labs got solar panels!

Solar panels at Bell Labs! I mean Alcatel Lucent.

Bell Labs Alcatel-Lucent installed solar panels over the summer! So the shot I got last December, with nice clear lawns…

Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ, December 2010

…is no longer possible. Here’s how it looks from the road now:

Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ, January 2012

According to and Lucent’s own corporate blog, the solar system is expected to provide 10% of their power needs, cut energy costs by $2.5 billion over 10 years, and help Alcatel-Lucent meet its goal to reduce its carbon footprint 50% by 2020.

Back in June, when the panels were first officially switched on, Berkeley Heights mayor Joseph Bruno said:

I applaud them for going green, but putting them right on Mountain Avenue appears to be a little bit of an eyesore. It’s a mixed thing for me…. I hope the shrubs they put in front of them grow in because people slowing down to look at the panels can cause a traffic problem.

Well said. I think that’s kind of how we’re all feeling. But it’s for the greater good, and we’ll get used to them eventually. 🙂


2 Comments to “Bell Labs got solar panels!”

  1. Makes you wonder how many missile silos are hidden under these Government-subsidized anti-American oil enterprises.

    • Missile silos coming soon.

      I’m totally not kidding. There are remnants of a cold war launch site right by the Watchung Reservation. But you probably knew that.

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