Old mill ruins

The ruined foundations of Seeley's Mill

A few days ago, I posted something about the dam that powered Seeley’s Mill. Well, THIS is all that’s left of the mill— a broken concrete floor, some mossy brick foundations, and corroded steel pipes all over the place. It’s part of the Sierra Trail, marked on the Watchung Reservation trail map (link in sidebar) as the “old mill ruins.”

Originally built in 1763, it started as a gristmill (for grinding grain) called Fall Mill.

After Edmund A. Seeley converted it into a paper mill, the business thrived until 1924.

Around 1916, the Green Brook (which powered the mill) flooded torrentially, and Seeley’s Mill fell in.

Seeley's Mill, c.1916

Apparently they fixed it up and functioned for another eight years (what with the whole “closing in 1924” thing).

Nowadays… there’s just a trail marching through what’s left of it, and that’s that.



Troeger, V.B. (1996). Images of America: Berkeley Heights. Arcadia Publishing: Dover, NH. ISBN 0752404903.


4 Responses to “Old mill ruins”

  1. Good stuff!!!

  2. Sluice gate and weir! Lovely photos and history


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