Lincoln-Hubbard School

Lincoln Hubbard School

Back in 1909, a school was built, and they called it THE LINCOLN SCHOOL.

Original Lincoln School, early 20th century

Back in 1955, the Lincoln School was razed, and that was that.

…But the “new” Lincoln School lived on!

The current Lincoln School was built in 1953. In 1998, the school was renamed “The Lincoln-Hubbard School” to thank G. Morrison Hubbard, Jr. for all his philanthropy over the years. It’s currently one of the five gr. 1-5 public elementary schools in Summit. (There are also two elementary schools that only carry Pre-K and Kindergarten.)

For current information on the goings-on of the Lincoln-Hubbard School, click here to visit their own website.



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One Comment to “Lincoln-Hubbard School”

  1. So the original structure was two stories over raised basement, replaced by a sprawled ranch-like structure with little character. Did they at least get rid of PhysEd as well?

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