What in the blazes...?

Parts of the New-Providence-area Passaic River Park trails are actually marked pretty well, as evidenced by these “turn right” blazes above. Other areas are next to impossible to navigate properly. (Ex.: if you try to hike this trail going the *other* direction, you will see no blazes.)

The section of the trail nearest where I live is notorious for this. I spent much of Thanksgiving morning hauling October-blizzard-felled logs out of the path, hedge-clipping branches and re-defining the path when I COULDN’T move offending logs, and using dead branches to indicate where the heck the periphery of the path even WAS.

I didn’t return to the park for a while after that, but I am pleased to report that the trail has gotten a fair amount of traffic since then— the leaves in the path are all very nicely tramped down. This makes me happy.


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