At the bank

Abandoned bank!

Behind New Providence’s A&P, there is a possibly-abandoned bank drive-through. I could be wrong about its “abandoned” status. But there is, as far as I can tell, no identifying mark on it, and the asphalt hasn’t been repaved in probably twenty years. Maybe ten.

Given that the construction of the new A&P basically closed down Village Shopping for four years, it’s entirely plausible that this thing really hasn’t seen any customers since 2006. On the other hand, I visited on a Saturday, so maybe it just wasn’t open, and it happens to be falling into disrepair.

Also: that’s me! with my “fifteenth time’s a charm” expression. I don’t know why I didn’t just hold the damn camera up to my eyeball; I kept missing the shot.


2 Comments to “At the bank”

  1. What a lovely portrait this presents.

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