New Providence Fuel Truck

Ye Olde Forde Trucke

The New Providence Fuel station has its own 1940s-1950s pickup truck to advertise!

Advertising on the truck OMG

I think that’s pretty cool.


P.S. Edit: It runs! I caught it in the 2012 Memorial Day Parade, coming down the street with the Lions.
New Providence Memorial Day Parade, May 2012


5 Responses to “New Providence Fuel Truck”

  1. Nice angle! Clearly it would have been another nice time to take a picture of you taking a picture.

    Also props for using extraneous e’s to signify extreme age. All too often they’re used to signify pretentiousness and overpricing (like shops or condos named Towne Pointe and such).

    • What was *really* fun was that I had to obstruct the exit of the gas station. So not only was I squatting, I was squatting in a high-traffic area where I could’ve become a pancake. (Moreso for the second photo.)

      …I TOTALLY wasn’t going for silly pretentiousness with my E’s. Nnnope. Not at all.

  2. Back in 1952 (the date on the plate), I believe the letters in front of the number designated the county (or was it the city?) that the owner was from. What city or county would have had the letters JN or F?

    • Well this is almost a year late, but… Maybe JN stands for NJ, after they ran out of normal 2- or 3-digit identification numbers? But there’s an NJ at the bottom, so that doesn’t make sense.

      Only local F-towns I can think of are “Fanwood” and “Florham Park.” Maybe this plate isn’t local.


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