Catholic Church of the Assumption

Catholic Church of the Assumption

Now, when I hear the word “assumption,” I associate it with the noun form of the verb “to assume,” which of course means “to make an ASS out of U and ME.”

But to Catholics, apparently, it refers to the Virgin Mary being taken up into heaven. tells me that they come from similar roots, at least.


Catholic Church of the Assumption, c.1900

Although an Irish congregation formed the church in 1845 (and that church marked the center of Morristown’s Little Dublin neighborhood), this present structure was built in 1872. (Above is a circa 1900 photo of it.)

Church of the Assumption - 1872 - Gothic Revival building is oldest standing church in Morristown. Replaced 1848 wooden church which ministered to Irish immigrant families in surrounding Dublin area.

Despite Morristown’s important role in American Revolutionary War (i.e. George Washington’s headquarters), the Catholic Church of the Assumption is actually Morristown’s oldest church that’s still standing. (To clarify: there are other old buildings, but no older churches.)

For more information about the church’s current programs and Masses, click here to check out its website.


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2 Comments to “Catholic Church of the Assumption”

  1. Ha ha… Like the way you associate the word, assume.
    How about reassume?
    “To make an ASS out of U and ME again”?, I assume.

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