Church of the Little Flower

Church of the Little Flower, Berkeley Heights

This is the (little) Church of the Little Flower in Berkeley Heights. It was established by local Italian-American farmers, and dedicated in October 1930. When it was severely damaged by a fire in 1970, they used the tragedy as an excuse to renovate the church according to new Vatican II principles.

If you hadn’t heard of “the little flower,” (which I hadn’t) apparently before Saint Thérèse of Lisieux joined a convent, she had a conversation with her aging father, during which he plucked a little white flower to make a point. From that moment on, Thérèse saw the “little flower” as a symbol of herself. (Meaning: “Little Flower” = St. Thérèse.)



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3 Responses to “Church of the Little Flower”

  1. Whilst I knew of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux the flower bit was new to me. I love these old wooden churches, they are pretty unusual here in England but there is one about a mile from where I live.

    • Old wooden churches aren’t THAT common around here; most of the originals have been done in by fires, or “we’re sick of this church let’s make a better one,” or overpopulation, or who-knows-what.

      But this one is only from 1930 anyway. My apartment is only 10 years younger!


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