A view of Summit

Overlooking Summit

Remember last week, when I was all like “whooooaaaa, you can totally see New York from Summit!”? Do you? Well I was.

Now, there’s this road (Fairmount Avenue) in Chatham that I drive pretty often, and I can always see lights twinkling off in the distance, and I’d always assumed that I could see New York from Chatham, too.


Zoooooooming in!

That’s just Summit off in the distance!

Those white buildings are part of the Merck complex, the big brick blob on the horizon is Overlook Hospital, and I can make out DeForest Methodist and the Summit Parking Garage, too.

If you look at a map of the area…

Map showing terrain of Chatham, Summit, and New York

…you’ll note that Chatham is on the Third Watchung Mountain, while Summit is right on the tip of the Second Watchung Mountain.

Maybe you won’t note that immediately. The diagonal ridges on the map, from left to right, are the Third, Second, and the First Watchung Mountains.

…Bottom line, this means that Summit has a clear view of Manhattan (because Summit can peer through the Hobart Gap, which separates the north and south bits of the First Watchung Mountain), but Chatham can’t see Manhattan ‘cos Summit is sitting right in its way.


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