There's Manhattan!

Did you know you can see Manhattan from the summit of Summit? I didn’t! Until very recently.

There’s a stretch of the railroad that affords this view, but it’s behind a thin row of trees, so shooting it from a moving train is pretty impossible. And— I think— it’s really the only place in Summit where you have this view, ‘cos of the lucky combination of (a) the railroad embankment and (b) the lack of a thick forest, which is what you’d find at the top of the rest of the mountains around here.

So I decided to scope it out on foot.

I wasn’t really comfortable crossing the tracks; there’s a limited sight distance in both directions, and— again because of the railroad embankment— there’s not really much of a place to stand on either side of the tracks, if you wanted to get out of the way of an oncoming train.

And as I surveyed the situation, I noted that the faded-to-nearly-illegible sign in front of me was a very serious “No Trespassing” notice. (Not that that’s ever stopped me before, but. It was very serious.)

Sooooo I took this photo from relative safety. I have a ways to go, I guess, before I apply for that photojournalism gig. Ohhhh well.


(P.S. Former readers of Monmouth County Daily Photo may note similarities to the view from Sandy Hook, NJ.)


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