Monochrome Bouras

Behind Bouras Properties

First, on a personal note:

Despite evidence to the contrary, I’ve thus far tried to keep the photography of New Providence Daily Photo relatively straight and photojournalistic; I’ve attempted not to impose too much of my “artistic vision” on these photos.

That said, in this digital age, I see black-and-white photography as an imposition of artistic vision, and I have avoided it to date.

However, as I continue to research photography in general, I find that monochrome images are generally considered legitimate in photojournalist and purist photographer communities.

I’m still a little skeptical, honestly, but the above photo won me over. The color information was so badly screwed up that if I just toned down the blues from the photo, it was basically black and white anyway.

So blue! Geez, I have to start minding my white balance.

And so! I give you the first non-vintage monochrome photo on New Providence Daily Photo!

(cue trumpet fanfare!)


Secondly, some actual information about the building:

Bouras Properties is a big sprawling office building on DeForest Avenue in/near downtown Summit. According to their website, the structure was built in 1958 and known as the “Kemper Building” until fairly recently (presumably ~1999, since that’s when Nicholas Bouras bought the building).

If you’re from the Summit area, and you’re wondering why you don’t recognize it, this is the rear entrance of the building. So. Y’know. Maybe you have better things to do than hang out behind office buildings.


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