It’s a snake!

…No, duh, it’s just a boardwalk through the Great Swamp Refuge.

The Great Swamp Refuge, being a swamp and all, isn’t generally conducive to standard dirt hiking trails, so the majority of it is comprised of boardwalks laid above the marshland.

P.S. Happy St. Lucia’s Day!


7 Responses to “Serpentine”

  1. Great idea, leave the swamp to the wildlife, I have seen Southern Comfort, not the drink the film.

  2. Outstanding photo. I love your composition of the image. Obviously, it leads my eyes right through the entire frame. I love it!

  3. Happy St. Lucia’s Day to you!

  4. Lovely photo…Happy St. Lucia Day to you…

  5. Priscilla Bullet Collins!
    Priscilla Bullet Collins ’42!


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