Animals in lights!

The Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange is in the midst of its Holiday Lights Spectacular!

Here are some more photos of the fun:

An animated rattlesnake!


March of the penguins!


Because I stood in the same place for a couple minutes to try and get good exposures of the displays, I overheard the conversations of everyone passing by. And they were the exact same conversations, over and over and over.

“Look, sweetie, penguins!”
“Look at the penguins!”
“Oh, look at the penguins!”
“Look, penguins!”
“Do you see the penguins?”
“Penguins, sweetie, look!”

…et cetera.


Anyway. It is free! It is festive! It is appropriate for people under the age of six.

(If you are over the age of six, you may find the Holiday Spectacular to be less than spectacular. These three displays were, frankly, about as spectacular as it got.)

(But like I said: free! festive!)


2 Responses to “Spectacular!”

  1. Silly little puffin. Bad penguin. Naughty penguin. Penguin no. No, penguin, no! Agghrhghgh.


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