Shall we all meet in the autumn?

Oh leafy leaves.

I have been hunting for a Rollerblade-worthy path in the Union/Morris/Essex County area for over a year now, and I have yet to find anything suitable. When I stumbled upon this smoothly-paved little bike path that started behind the Mountainside Library and runs along New Providence Road (here’s a map), I got very excited indeed.

But— there’s always a but—

  1. Right now, the path is littered with piles of leaves and branches, which makes it unsafe for skating. But that could change, y’know?
  2. The path is only about half a mile long, which would take about five minutes to skate from one end to the other. Not even worth putting on your skates.

Sigh. My quest continues! In the meantime, it’s a very pretty little walking path.

4 Comments to “Shall we all meet in the autumn?”

  1. If it wasn’t for the blacktop asphalt paving, this would be a lovely photo to use in announcing to the world that you had terminal cancer (but neglect to tell the wife and kids that they’d be taken care of because you were cooking up meth in a mobile lab parked in the desert).

  2. Nice path, beautiful Autumnal colours. Roller-blading, does this mean you do Roller Derby?

    • Ha ha, no, I wish! I’ve enjoyed in-line fitness skating for a while– it’s kind of like jogging, but on skates, and easier on your joints. Unfortunately, I’m not very good, so I need a nice smooth path to skate around on.

      Thank you for the comment, Paul!

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