Scarlet leaf

The Scarlet Leafer! nyuk nyuk nyuk.

I couldn’t decide between the image above and the image below, so I’m posting them both.

Light shining through things is awesome.

Happy autumn!


9 Comments to “Scarlet leaf”

  1. That would be a difficult choice. Glad you posted them both. Beautiful closeup.

  2. The top one reminds me of that colored umbrella thing you did (Vasser campus?), except this one didn’t need much in the way of artificial coloring. The bottom one might fall under “unglass”! 🙂 Both of these are very pretty. I think I prefer the top one… it has ambience and a richer story.

    (Also, Firefox’s spell-checker needs to learn that “ambience” is actually the preferred spelling.)

    • Hmm… I should have said Vassar. (I can spell common words very well; I’m not as good with names.)

    • Thank you, John! I think I agree with you. And I can’t believe you remember that old photo. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU MISSPELLED VASSAR OMG HOW DARE YOU. (No worries, I can’t spell either, as you’ve pointed out to me on multiple occasions. 🙂 )

  3. That first photo is lovely. Do you sell over rights to your photos?

  4. Most photos I’m paying for today are work-for-hire

    • Too bad.

      Maybe I’ll eventually accept that selling rights is the norm for photographers. Maybe it’d make sense if I took photos while out on assignment.

      But I’m from an industry where freelance work-for-hire is only done in the direst of situations. Since my situation is not yet dire, I’ll retain my rights for the forseeable future.

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