Morris County Courthouse

Morris County Courthouse

In Morris County, Justice isn’t blind.

…No, really, check out that statue above the front door of the Morris County Courthouse.

Unblindfolded Justice

Lady Justice isn’t blindfolded. It’s a thing they mention. They seem proud of it. I dunno.

Anyway, the courthouse was built from 1816 to 1817, and it is “one of New Jersey’s most important public buildings in the Federal style,” according to Morristown’s website. That seems subjective, but again, I’m just quoting.

This most important building used to be the town’s fire gong, too; its bells tolled whenever a fire threatened a building.

Aaaaaand here’s a photo of it from around 1930. It was apparently painted white at some point! And check out the little old ladies posing in front of it. Aww.

Morris County Courthouse, c.1930



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