October blizzard aftermath

Asplundh tree removal!

It’s been over a week since the October blizzard that pillaged parts of the northeast United States. Around here, most people have their heat and electricity back (mine came back on Friday, about 6 days after it went off), but cleaning up the devastated trees is an ongoing process. That’s what these guys are doing!

I spoke to the gentleman on the far right of the photo. He told me that their crew had come up all the way from Maryland to help clean up the mess, and they’ve been doing it since last week!

Most streets are driveable now, although there are still a few roads with power lines draping onto the asphalt, and as of yesterday (7 days after the storm), there were still some nonworking traffic lights in my area. The curbings are piled high and deep with branches that have been cleaned up from everything.


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