Itsy-bitsy spider


We interrupt this indignant NJ blizzard coverage to bring you a season-appropriate picture of a giant spider in my neighbor’s yard. I have to wonder how they mow the grass, what with that spiderweb covering most of the lawn.

Oh— and— just so you know— the legs wiggle in the breeze. Awwww.

Also just so you know, I took this photo the day before yesterday, about two hours before I took that marigold photo. Rrrrgh.

Happy Halloween! Because the snow has made everything dangerous in New Providence, our town is postponing Halloween until Friday, November 4. So I may be wishing you a SECOND “happy Halloween” in a few days!


2 Comments to “Itsy-bitsy spider”

  1. Sorry, but i don’t like giant spinders! Bliah! But thanks for the ” reportage ” !
    Have a nice day!

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