Carter House

The oldest house in Summit, New Jersey!

The Carter House, built in the 1740s, is the oldest house in Summit! Here’s a photo of it back before the dormer windows were added in the 1800s.

Carter House, sometime in the 1800s.


The house was mostly passed down in one family until 1939 (when it “was acquired” by a different family). Nothing of particular note happened until 1986, when a corporation bought the land it was on, and the old house needed to be physically moved down the street to avoid getting bulldozed.

It’s got everything an 18th-century family could possibly need. Floors, for example. Low ceilings. Walls.

Inside the Carter House!

The Carter House is currently home to the Summit Historical Society. A recent generous donation was put towards an addition in the back (with 21st-century-height ceilings, and good light, and elbow room, and generally modern amenities, all of which had been lacking in the 18th-century construction), which has made the historical society very, very happy.

Oh—and—bonus!—I met Patricia Meola, the author of the Summit Images of America book I’m always citing when I write historical stuff about Summit. How awesome is that! I had a bit of a fangirl moment. We talked photos for a bit.



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