The Summit Free Market

The Summit Free Market!

Do you like free stuff? Do you have usable stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of but haven’t yet? If this sounds like you, you might enjoy the Summit Free Market!

The Summit Free Market [website] is essentially a free garage sale. You bring your own yard-sale quality items, and you take home anyone else’s items that you wish. No money is exchanged.

It takes place at the Summit Transfer Station [map] today (10/22), next Saturday (10/29), and the Saturday after that (11/5), from 8am-3pm.

The Summit Free Market held its first event in 2008, and it grown since then. Based on my discussion with one of the women supervising this thing, it evolved from the Environmental Commission’s disgust at how much perfectly usable stuff was getting thrown into landfills PLUS a burning desire to get today’s youth involved in recycling and environmental protection.

Youth, you say?

Yes, youth! The event is organized and run by local high schoolers, with some help from local middle schoolers.

I went when it had been open for an hour already, and it wasn’t exactly hopping. But a student told me that it usually picks up later in the afternoon. Kind of the opposite of a normal garage sale, I guess.

Between the three Saturdays that the Summit Free Market will take place, they’ll stow any leftover items in a rentable PODS container for the duration of the week. But eventually, said the woman I spoke to, they hope to occupy a permanent location, where items may simply stay on the shelf from weekend to weekend. And during the week, she added, the storefront would be open only to local churches and charities, who could come and browse and take whatever they need.

If you’re in the area, come check it out!


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  1. Some very clever people here.


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