Morristown Fall Festival 2!

A barbershop quartet!

As I promised yesterday, here are a few more scenes from the Morristown Fall Festival.

Above, you see a barbershop quartet, singing a ditty about taking girlfriends to the movies (since your mama won’t let you make love at home, and you’ve gotta do it somewhere).



Sparky the firedog was there, too!


the land of racecar ya-yas

And there was a tent where you could drive remote-controlled racecars around a little track!


Roots Steakhouse: Morristown location!

And there was lots of food! Did you know that the Roots Steakhouse, which was established in Summit, also has a Morristown location? It totally does, and now you know.


2 Responses to “Morristown Fall Festival 2!”

  1. Done–to the extreme right, top! I found Waldo Santa!


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