Park Middle School

Park it here.

Built around 1926, this used to be the Scotch Plains High School.

Bein' constructed!

A new high school was built around 1953 to relieve some overcrowding (I’m assuming, since Scotch Plains’ population was exploding like all suburbs around here from 1950-1960), and this building was relegated to being the middle school.



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Historical Society of Scotch Plains and Fanwood. (n.d.). “History.” Township of Scotch Plains.


3 Comments to “Park Middle School”

  1. Interesting photos. That shows a lot of history. Hopefully, the education system in this country will imrpove

  2. Lovely Tudor/Collegiate Gothic structure……like the brickwork diaper pattern in ur photo—unusual angle

    • (For anyone else reading this comment who isn’t an expert on architecture, a “diaper pattern” is “an overall pattern with small repeated motifs, especially on a rectangular or diagonal grid,” according to this website.)

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