Masons in Madison

To be a Freemason you need to be (1) male and (2) worship a higher power. Wellllll, I'm out.

I was going through some old photos, and I came across this drive-by shot of a Masonic Lodge in Madison.

Something seemed vaguely familiar about it, so I leafed through my historical text on Madison.

Oh and there's a building behind that tree. FYI.

It’s the old 1825 Presbyterian Church!

According to the Freemason’s own website:

When the Presbyterian Church moved to larger quarters on Green Avenue, Madison Lodge purchased the building at 170 Main Street, renovated the interior and have met there since 1931 utilizing furniture from the early days on Waverly Place [the first meeting place of the group] and benches from the church.

How ’bout that. Apparently they’ve chopped down that obstructive tree, too.



Cunningham, J.T. (1998). Images of America: Madison. Arcadia Publishing: Dover, NH. ISBN 0738537802.

Madison Lodge #93, F. & A.M. (n.d.). “Freemasonry in Madison.”


4 Comments to “Masons in Madison”

  1. I must commend you for noticing! You are a killer amateur historian and church geek. 🙂 (Also, the shot wasn’t bad for a drive-by.)

  2. Ha! I don’t know about “killer,” but thank you! 🙂 In defense of my lack of drive-by-shooting skills, traffic was congested enough that I think I was either stopped or only going 5mph.

  3. I know about “killer Josy,” and so does the fisherman.

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