Single-handed Klezmer soul

There was a klezmer concert in the New Providence library this past weekend, performed by the Hester Street Troupe [website].

Klezmer music [Wikipedia] is a style of Jewish folk music characterized by emotive and/or wailing melodies. (That description doesn’t do the style justice, though; don’t think it sounds like mating whales or banshees or something.)

It was pretty awesome. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad I went.

Audience members were encouraged to participate.

Everybody follow the musician!

(Also note the demographic. I wonder why younger folks apparently aren’t attracted to this sort of thing?)

All in all, if you find that the Hester Street Troupe (or any other klezmer band) is performing in your area, I encourage you to go check them out!


One Comment to “Klezmer!”

  1. Audience members or hospice residents?

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