Harvest Festival 2


I told you yesterday that Union County’s Harvest Festival featured a bunch of demonstrations and living history folks, right? I did, trust me. So today I’m gonna show you a few of ’em.

This potter was one of the demonstrators. He gets his clay from south Jersey— “The other gold of Atlantic City,” he grinned. It’s apparently quite strong, so it can withstand dishwashers, microwaves, and the usual wear and tear that accompanies food-safe dishes. Normal red clay (even with a good glaze) apparently can’t handle all that.


"Lenape" woman

This woman gave a demonstration of how and when food was prepared in an average Lenape village. Apparently there was always a pot of beans, dried corn, and… dried squash? simmering in the middle of the village, and this stew provided “all the amino acids and nutrients you need to live.” Meat, like venison and rabbit and squirrel, would also be roasted and subsequently shared.


bang bang bang (or, since I just listened to a Smothers Brothers rendition of "John Henry," whop whop whop)

This blacksmith was making a nail. He showed how to make it the correct size, and he explained the idea behind form following function. (Then he started getting into a discussion about different types of steel, and I zoned out.)

So yeah, fun times! Everyone’s got a hobby. 🙂

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