New Providence has brand new ticket machines!

New Providence train station (New Jersey Transit)'s new ticket machines

New Providence station got ticket machines!

NJ Transit policy is that “a $5 surcharge is applied to tickets purchased aboard trains if a ticket agent or ticket vending machine is available at time of boarding.” However, neither ticket agents nor ticket vending machines have ever been available here, so New Providence customers have always been exempt from the $5 surcharge.

But that all changes on September 26, 2011.

Purchase tickets before boarding to avoid $5 surcharge!

Here’s what the sign says:

Purchase Tickets Before Boarding to Avoid $5 Surcharge
New Ticket Vending Machine available at New Providence Station

A new Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) has been installed at New Providence Station. Located in the shelter on the platform, the new TVM is available at all times, and accepts cash, credit or debit cards. Simply touch the screen to begin and follow the instructions.

NJ TRANSIT applies a $5 surcharge to tickets purchased aboard the train when a ticket agent or Ticket Vending Machine is available. With the installation of the new machine at New Providence Station, this surcharge will be applied at all times on trains beginning Monday, September 26, 2011. Please remember to purchase your ticket before boarding to avoid the surcharge.

So as of this coming Monday, it is assumed that the machines (which have been crammed into what used to be a bus-stop-style bench) have been available long enough for everyone to get used to them, and customers will now have to make sure they get to the station early enough to buy tickets.

I doubt this will be a problem for regular commuters, but for the New Providence natives who occasionally like to go into the City for a show, the new surcharge will almost assuredly catch some of them by surprise.


Edit, January 2012: Apparently new ticket vending machines have been installed at ALL stops along the Gladstone branch, so this is new for a LOT of people. In the past few months, I have witnessed at least six cases of passengers being surprised that they are no longer exempt from the surcharge. And this is just for passengers within earshot.

I guess all the $5 surcharges help them pay for the cost of installing the machines!


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