Melrose Building


Sorry about the processing. Sometimes I get bored with my formulaic color adjustments.

This is the Melrose Building in downtown Summit.

Melrose Building, c.1910?

It opened in 1907, and the lions on either side of the second floor balcony were added in 1909. In the old photo above, you can see a clock tower that was lit nightly until it was removed in 1937.

Currently home to Garden State News [ listing], it remains a landmark building on Summit’s Springfield Avenue.


Meola, P.E. (1998). Images of America: Summit. Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, SC. ISBN 0738563307.


4 Comments to “Melrose Building”

  1. A decent Edwardian/Beaux Arts-style three-storey commercial structure of Harvard Brick and Indiana limestone trim. Interesting canted corner-on-the-corner, very commercial in plan. The tower clock would have completed the civic-pride/free enterprise commercial ensemble. A landmark that’s lost its mark(er) housing the Garden State Press in the Garden State, a state that’s lost its garden. Love the cart in the old post-1909 photo and thanks for posting the information about the lion’s being added. They clearly were but it’s unusual that they were added so soon after construction. They’re incredibly tacky and unbalanced: must have been the 1909 equivalent to those Dallas/Dynasty-themed animal-capped entrance gate posts greeting McMansion visitors.

    (WordPress keeps deleting my comments before I post them, uncool.)

  2. (Yes, I make up everything. No questions.)

  3. Hey, comment on the loss of shutters. Clearly, the progress can be good.

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