Lycoperdon, puffed for the very first time

Lycoperdon? Puffball? False puffball? I dunno.

I’m guessing this is some variant of the Lycoperdon group of fungi [Wikipedia], but I usually find these little balls on lawns, not on trees. So maybe not.

Usually, I just call ’em “puffballs” and move on with my life.

Do you know what these little spiky puffball mushrooms are called?

P.S. The title is totally from this website.


6 Comments to “Lycoperdon, puffed for the very first time”

  1. Usually, I just call ‘em “Stockholm Globen Arenas genomför över 300 evenemang per år och tar emot 1,4 miljoner besökare. Här får du upplevelser av världsklass på arenorna Ericsson …” and move on with my life.By the way, I much prefer the Weird Al Yankovich version of this shroom.

  2. I haven’t been to the globe arena for a few years. They have a lift on the outside now so that you can ride up to the top and have a look at the view. I can’t help you with the name of the mushroom, but it is very photogenic.

  3. I like it! And that little sprig of green hanging over it is very stylish. That’s a fungus that knows how to accessorize!

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