Le ballon vert


I could’ve sworn I read somewhere that Maplewood was designed to have an old European/ Bavarian flavor, but I didn’t write down the source of this tidbit, and now I can’t find it. I could be making things up.

Regardless, this is downtown Maplewood (with a mom and a kid and a green balloon). It’s cute.


5 Comments to “Le ballon vert”

  1. I think the “old European/ Bavarian flavor” to which you refer is best categorized as “black and white work,” highly favoured by the Arts and Crafts movement and mightily typical for late-nineteenth- and early twentieth-century High Street commercial structures and leafy surburban homes, first in the UK (where if often was employed to reflect the character of Chester, not Bavaria) and later throughout Arts and Crafts Movement-influenced new developments (most places in the US). Note: It’s “black and white work” if it’s half-timbered in appearance but with plaster or rendering. It’s “half-timbered” if it’s actually structural or the design is more than a simple facade treatment (as in it actually has unrendered nogging). The term “Half-timber effect” gave way almost instantly to a likewise-designed property being termed “Tudor.” Generally these are rather dull brick apartment houses or commercial structures with some gabled half-timbered element that is often very, very superficial.

  2. By the way, this is how you say goodbye to summer? Geeze

  3. I think I read that too on a blog called the New Providence Daily, only kidding! Though if you carry on writing good stuff you will find that you can become quoted on the web as an authority. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire pictures

  4. Mostly made? Is that like I mostly entered in all of the information onto that article (and others) and then almost hit edit, but you finished it off? I made it. Mostly nothing. Here’s how made I am: “Bobby: You couldn’t even get a handjob from the bridge and tunnel posse at the club last night!” First you get the blog post, then you get the Wikipedia article, then you get the credit, then you corrupt community college-educated minds! I’m a tall drink of water, I gotta stretch my shit out.

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