New Providence Street Fair!

Pet the goat!

The New Providence Street Fair [Patch article] is today!



There’s a petting zoo with some very curious goats and llamas and bunnies and so forth.


Some pig!

For the misbehaving pigs, there’s a barbeque stand. (Not REALLY related to the petting zoo.)


New Providence Street Fair!

There are lots of vendors, businesses, and fair food; there’s a rock-climbing wall, and a little craft center for kids, and some live music.

All in all, a jolly good time! It goes ’til 5:00 today, so if you’re in New Providence, you ought to check it out!


9 Responses to “New Providence Street Fair!”

  1. Love that first photo. So cute and the light hitting the little girl perfectly. Cute goat too. 🙂 Great shot!

  2. Great shot of the goat and the little girl (the kid and the kid?). Both creatures are very cute and hold the eye of the viewer.

    This is precisely the kind of thing where an e-stalker might actually go to the event, hoping to meet up with the photoblogger in a neutral, nonthreatening, and hopefully fun environment, if only (1) he had sufficient advance notice and (2) he was not swamped with unexpected work from his job to do over the weekend.

  3. Horrifying. It’s like some dream sequence out of Rosemary’s Baby.

  4. Poor naughty piggy, sadly not in the petting zoo. Guess well just have to tuck in instead! I must add that I do like pigs, preferably alive and well but sadly I also am rather fond of bacon.

  5. A vegetarian who ate roadkill. I saw you. Everyone did.


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