Chatham Library: Then and Now

Inside the Chatham Library

Just for the sake of a “then and now” photo— above, inside the Chatham Library in 2011…

Chatham Library, c. 1950ish?

…and here, inside the Chatham Library in… well, actually, I don’t know the date exactly, but I’m guessing from the boys’ crew cuts that it’s around the 1950s. Definitely after the library opened in 1924.

Can you find the fireplace and round-ish ceiling line in both shots?

Clearly, they’ve put on an addition since the older photo, but I don’t have the exact date of that, either.


Cunningham, J.T. (1997). Images of America: Chatham. Arcadia Publishing: Dover, NH. ISBN 0738545619.


4 Comments to “Chatham Library: Then and Now”

  1. A cheap man’s barrel-vaulting, or really a cheap man’s flat ceiling with coving — because it’s not coving: it’s canted! So Chatham appears to have changed a bit, kept the fireplace but where are the books! (I hope that’s not a working fireplace…dun-dun-done!)

    So what else has changed? The titles?
    RT: @seanoneal (Sean O’Neal)
    1) “Oh, The Places You’ll Go When The State No Longer Considers You A Danger To Yourself Or Others!”
    2) “Clifford The Big Red Tumor”
    3) “Goodnight Keith Moon”

    • What ho James! You have a Twitter account?

      The books are through that doorway, obviously. Fireplace seems pretty well sealed up. Probably very few books stored in said fireplace.

  2. “Chatham Library: Then and Now, and Zombies” Get with the programme, Josy, and make it hip!

  3. I’m enjoying your blog on various things Chatham. I grew up there. I can tell you that this library has had *many* additions since it first opened. I love your old picture ( I also assume it is from the 40s or 50s) of the library.

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