Early spring, late summer

Trail entry, August

Trail entry, March

This is an entry– sort of– to the Passaic River Park trails, right by the entrance to the Summit Recycling Center/ Transfer Station [Google map].

Do you see it? It's SO obvious.

The trail entry, as you can see in the photo above, is clearly marked. I didn’t walk past it three times, at all, because I am too awesome for such things.

Clearly marked!

Oh wait THERE’S the clear marking I was talking about.

The feature photos were taken from about 10 feet inside all that crazy weedy goodness.


5 Comments to “Early spring, late summer”

  1. Amazing that you found your spot month after month. So who regularly passes by this remote section of the woods and how did you memorize his schedule. I’m guessing it took longer than March to August to nail down his routine. So what I and the rest of the Internet community want to know: Was it worth it? Did he press charges?

  2. Quite a difference. I like this sort of thing and I will often go back for another photo.

  3. “A Fudgesicle is a frozen, ice cream-like snack,” adds Reuters, hoping to provide some appropriately sobering clarification. Thanks, Reuters.

  4. You want relevant? Fine…and a one, and a two: Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the eternal:

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