Mural mural on the wall

Wouldn't this make the commute a little more enjoyable?

To allow people to cross from one side of the tracks to the other (without getting run over), most local train stations have either an overpass or an underpass.

The underpasses are usually kept in decent condition; a few months ago, when the New Providence underpass was defaced with black-painted obscenities, the wall was repainted within a week. (I was impressed.)

Still, the beige concrete can leave something to be desired.

So artists in Maplewood decided to paint murals in their underpass!

There’s a prominent complaint painted there, asking why these murals are “art” but his graffiti is “illegal,” and I think it’s a good point.

The painted reponse? “Well come on down and help! 🙂 “


One Comment to “Mural mural on the wall”

  1. Salmon swim upstream. I didn’t say that, though.

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