Stage House Inn

The Stage House Inn, 2011

This is the Stage House Inn [website]. The building was original opened as an inn in 1737, and it’s served as inns and taverns ever since!

There’s plenty to be said about its historical significance, but I don’t feel like saying it. Let’s just say it’s been through an awful lot of changes, yes?

Here’s how it’s looked in the 1880s (as the W.L. Deegans Hotel)…

Stage House Inn: W.L. Deegans Hotel, 1880s

…and in 1898 (as Ye Olde Historic Inn)…

Stage House Inn: Ye Olde Historic Inn, 1898

…and as the Old Tavern, date unknown.

I think it’s cool that it (or some similar-looking iteration of it) is still there. Wooden structures (around here, anyway) hardly EVER last more than 100 years, and this one’s going on 300!



Bousquet, R. and Bousquet, S. (1995). Images of America: Scotch Plains and Fanwood. Arcadia Publishing: Dover, NH. ISBN 0738563188.


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