Chatham Post Office’s Sister


Remember when I showed you the Chatham Post Office? Of course you don’t, that’s why I just linked it.

This is the main storefront operation, as far as I can tell. Since my last Chatham P.O. post, the borough is apparently officially down to just one of these two post office buildings. (They list the annex only on the USPS website; back in June, they listed both (1) the post office and (2) the post office annex.)

Here’s a secret: I didn’t retouch the colors on this photo at all.

Here’s another secret: that was a lie.


3 Comments to “Chatham Post Office’s Sister”

  1. “Since my last Chatham P.O. post….” I used that line in a conversation the other day and it just went over everyone’s head. I’m beginning to wonder what this blog’s actual influence is: I believe the people I was discussing the finer points of Sun Tzu’s “win without fighting” concept didn’t necessarily subscribe to your blog. I wish I could link back to this WITH MY MIND AND WORDS. Seriously, how horrible would that be? Horrible, horrible. With everyone linking back to everything that ever existed, and could exist, and might have existed had it not existed. Referential existence. Monkeys struggling with locked suitcases. Clones. Clones in diapers. Clones from Brazil. No, it’d actually be pretty easy to ignore.

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