Saint Andrew’s Episcopal

St. Andrew's of New Providence

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in New Providence [website] was started by New Providencians from Calvary Church in Summit. In November 1959, they bought a plot of land with an old house; by Christmas 1960, a sanctuary had been built off the porch of the old house.

(This kind of explains why it’s set back so far from the road; I had to trespass a bit to get these photos.)

Side view.

A fair amount of its funding comes from its school, which began as a child care program sometime in the 1960s and has remained a well-respected “Harvard of nursery schools.”



Hodgkins, M. (2010). “History of St. Andrew’s.” St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.


One Comment to “Saint Andrew’s Episcopal”

  1. Homely is an appropriate descriptor. It’s more backyard barbeque than church, and given the over-sized white Celtic Cross on that pasted-on fieldstone cladding of the slightly projecting chancel, I’m sure they’re proud of that.

    Oh, and…
    Marge Simpson: [watching Lisa practice fencing to get into Harvard] “Sweetie, you could still go to McGill, the Harvard of Canada.”
    Lisa Simpson: “Anything that’s the ‘something’ of the ‘something’ isn’t really the ‘anything’ of ‘anything’.”
    Sorry Episcopalians: Match, set, Lisa Simpson.

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