After Irene: First impressions

Bailing out

I’m hoping this will post. My internet is functional, but just barely. (Think “tin cans on a string.”) On the other hand, I hear that cable is completely out, so thank goodness for 5 kb/sec DSL, eh?

From what I’ve seen, we in New Providence seem to have escaped Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene without the heavy damage I’m hearing about from other areas.

This morning, while the storm was still raging, maintenance had to come and bail out a small flood on a basement apartment stoop (photo above).

Aside from that, I haven’t seen really bad flooding here. Then again, I live right by a city called “Summit,” so: not really a low-lying area.

(Speaking of Summit: Summit, Millburn, Maplewood, South Orange, West Orange, and I think Irving have a “boil water” advisory. Good thing I stocked up on drinking water.)

I’m lucky enough to still have electricity, but less than a quarter mile down the road, there is a downed power line on Springfield Avenue.

Power line down on Springfield Avenue near Maple Street, New Providence

I talked to a guy further along the street, and he claimed the whole area had no power. I noted that a street light (Springfield Avenue/ Maple Street) and several houses were running on generators.

The debris I saw was minimal, except for this.

Branch on Springfield Avenue, New Providence, near Summit

In the grand scheme of things, the destruction of a “plz go slow kthnx” sign isn’t the end of the world.


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