Hurricane preparations

At least there's SOMETHING on those shelves.

So we’re all kind of freaking out about this whole hurricane thing. Well, I’m freaking out, anyway.

Last night, I walked to a nearby grocer to buy some water. Alas, there was none to buy.

This morning, around 8:30AM, I went to the A&P. They still had some water, but it was rapidly disappearing from the shelves.

Well, the cheap bread is gone, anyway.

Same for bread. Probably batteries too, but I didn’t check.

(Those loaves on the right are about $5/loaf, which is probably more than most people want to spend on “just in case” bread.)

The store was inordinately crowded for 8:30AM, as you might imagine.

At this point in the afternoon, I think we’re all just kind of waiting around for the storm to start pummeling us. It’s been sort of drizzly/ rainy all day, but it’s supposed to start being awful from late tonight (i.e. midnight, 1AM, something like that) through Sunday afternoon. The flood warning stays in effect until Monday.

On a personal note, my internet is pretty much nonfunctional. (I’m writing this from the library.) I have a non-storm-related post scheduled, but I probably won’t be able to give any sort of update on Hurricane Irene until Monday. I will try, though.


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