Life is bitter as chicory.


As you might be able to tell from the file name of that JPG, I was all ready to tell you guys that this little purple-blue wildflower was a Bachelor’s Button (also apparently known as a “cornflower”).

But no!

(c) Johnathan J. Stegeman, via Wikipedia

THIS is a Bachelor’s Button. My image, at the top, is a Chicory flower.

If I’d actually read the first paragraph of that Wikipedia article (which says, right there, up front, “‘Cornflower’ is also erroneously used for chicory”), I could’ve figured this out immediately instead of scouring the interweb for 15 minutes, but here we are.

…Beyond chicory flowers, we’re all buckling down for the upcoming Hurricane Irene. It’s supposed to be a doozie— though not as much of a doozie as it’ll be in the South. But we in the Northeast aren’t really set up to weather hurricanes very well, since we don’t have that many. Wish us luck.


2 Comments to “Life is bitter as chicory.”

  1. Glad you figured out the difference. I knew the cornflower, from my childhood when they grew wild at the back of our house. I would have struggled with the chicory though despite my love of wildflowers. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photography

  2. Now don’t mislead us again, or less I’ll release the SAFPAC hounds on you [Society of American Florists Political Action Committee

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