Bank it

The bank, which is not a bank

A landmark building in the center of downtown Millburn, the First National Bank of Millburn was originally built in 1909.

Millburn First National Bank, 1910

It’s currently home to Deborah Gilbert Smith [website], Coco [website], and probably some apartments or offices on the top floors. There’s no longer any bank there—no obvious one, anyway.



The Millburn-Short Hills Historical Society. (n.d.). [title of page]


6 Comments to “Bank it”

  1. Great capture!nice post!

  2. Your second photo featuring orange in two days! (And a showy yellow car as well.)

    • Unnngh, part of my goal is to not show you the same dang thing every day! I need to be more careful— I didn’t even notice the similarities. 😛

      But yeah, I thought the car was neat, too. Is that a Corvette?

  3. I think it’s a Pantera.

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