I like cupolas.

Maplewood Middle School [website] was built in 1902.

(A distance shot for context)

Most suburbs around here doubled or tripled their populations between 1950 and 1960, which meant that pretty much all buildings were suddenly too small. Therefore, like pretty much all old-and-still-used buildings, Maplewood Middle School has had several additions.

Maplewood Middle School, c. 1940

…And there it is around 1940, before the additions and back when there weren’t quite so many trees in the way.



Durand-Hedden House and Garden Association. (1998). Images of America: Maplewood. Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, SC. ISBN 0752412795.


3 Comments to “Schoolin’”

  1. You are wrong about the 1940 photo, but it’s understandable. The original building (not visible in any of your photos) is actually around the corner from the far right part of the building in your photo, forming the the central part of the Baker St. facade. The first addition to the building was in two parts, to the right and left of the original building. The left addition (turning the corner from Baker to Burnet) forms the far right portion of the facade in your picture, with only the side visible from Burnet showing in your picture. Then the third addition to the building included the clock tower and the wing to the left of the clock tower. Later came fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh additions. Your 1940 photo consists solely of the Burnet St. facades of the first and second additions, not the original building, which is only visible from Baker St.

  2. Maplewood hasn’t grown worth commenting since 1929, aside from a new street near Oakland Rd and Prospect (1980s?) and the Valley Street apt building near the high school. The additions are due to the baby boom, culminating in the HS class of 1976, and shrinking after that. This happened in most towns in the US.

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