Fanwood Presbyterian

Fanwood Presbyterian

Fanwood Presbyterian Church [website] was built in 1933.

Fanwood Presbyterian, c. 1940?

(It has undergone a few additions.)

The bell has some history, too. According to a plaque by its main entrance,

The bell in this belfry [was] formerly the Fanwood fire alarm. [It] was presented to Fanwood Presbyterian Church in August 1949 by the Fanwood Fire Company as a memorial to all Fanwood firemen.

A plaque!

Fanwood Presbyterian has also been the (temporary) home of the Jewish Temple Sholom [website] since 2003, which I think is pretty cool. Yay interfaith tolerance! Here’s what Temple Sholom has to say about the coexistence:

In July of 2003, the Fanwood Presbyterian Church graciously opened its doors to the congregation. (A late favor returned – as one of the founding members of Temple Sholom had donated the land to build the Church.) Offices were constructed in the Church’s main building. For religious worship, the Church’s Dining Room was reimagined as the Temple Sholom Chapel. A series of programs, including pulpit exchanges and a “Worship Together Weekend” helped strengthen the relationship between the two congregations (Temple Shalom, n.d., “In July of 2003,” para. 3 from bottom)

Getting along is nice and all, but Temple Sholom is supposedly moving into its own new building soon.


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Temple Shalom: Scotch Plains, NJ. (n.d.). “The history of Temple Shalom.”


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