A Squadron of First Aid

Millburn First Aid Squad!

It’s the Millburn First Aid Squad! [website]

From the other side, yo.

The Delaware, Lackawanna, & Western Railroad once owned a freight station here.

DL&W Millburn freight station, c. 1940-1950? If you're a car expert, check out the cars—what do you think?

The old freight building was in use until after World War II, and it stayed there until DL&W sold the property to the township in 1957.

Whether these two photos are showing the same building, I’m not sure. They definitely have similar profiles, and they’re located in exactly the same spot, right by the Millburn train station. Lampe (1999, 2000) says “…the township bought the property and turned the yard into a commuter parking lot. The First Aid Squad building is now located on the site,” which is a little ambiguous, don’t you think?



Lampe, O.W. (1999, 2000). Images of America: Millburn. Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, SC. ISBN 0738504130.


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