Library hunting

Maplewood Library

The Maplewood Library (main branch) [website] was constructed around 1955.

1955! says so right there.

Now, the library association was founded in 1913. Aside from that, I’m a little confused as to the chronology of buildings the library has occupied.

According to the Images of America book (p. 84), the public library occupied a room in the Maplewood Middle School before its transition to the Memorial Library building, true as of 1943.

Also according to the Images of America book (p. 82), the public library occupied the old town hall, which it couldn’t have done between 1913 and 1932 because the town hall was busy using the building.

A multipurpose building!

Maybe the book is talking about the other Maplewood library…? Yeah, by the way, despite its small size and population, Maplewood has two libraries.

Bottom line: I don’t know. But nowadays, it’s right next to the town hall, and (like a lot of the smaller libraries around here) it’s closed on weekends in the summer.

* Maplewood Library hours are, as of July 2011:

M: 10am-9pm
T: 10am-6pm
W: 10am-9pm
Th: 10am-9pm
F: 10am-5pm
Sat: 10am-5pm (CLOSED July & August)



Durand-Hedden House and Garden Association. (1998). Images of America: Maplewood. Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, SC. ISBN 0752412795.


One Comment to “Library hunting”

  1. The photograph of the multipurpose building is where the post office in Maplewood Village is today. That building had been used as the library when I moved to Maplewood, in 1955. The Hilton Branch on Springfield Avenue was on the second floor of a firehouse that stood at the corner of Boyden Avenue, and was later demolished when the new firehouse was built across the street, and the library moved up the road to Tuscan Road at Maplecrest Park.

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