Professional train station (Sort of)

Millburn train station

Here we have the Millburn R.R. Profess[i]onal Buildin[g] (see photo below), notably occupied by Kuttner Law Offices (and others, I’m sure, but Kuttner has a giant sign that I see every day from the train). It looks like it’s part of the railroad, but it isn’t.

Millburn R.R. Professional Building, full of tasty offices

Below, we see the original Millburn railroad station, probably shortly after it was moved a block for major rail reconstruction (1907-1912).

The old Millburn station. See the difference?

Contrary to Wikipedia (!!!) (as of July 2011, anyway), Lampe (1999, 2000) claims that the original brick building was “recently” replaced by the current office building. So despite its obvious homage to the original structure, the professional building is in fact fairly modern. I don’t have an exact date, though.



Lampe, O.W. (1999, 2000). Images of America: Millburn. Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, SC. ISBN 0738504130.


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