Yay reflections!

Something I have learned from my ongoing amateur historical research is that ANYTHING can be a postcard. Most of the local history books are filled with turn-of-the-century postcard photos; there are postcards of suburban houses, and postcards of churches, and postcards of public service workers on horses, and postcards of nothing in particular.

But for the sake of pretending I’m a thoroughly modern photographer… I think this is pretty, don’t you? Now called the George H. Bauer Community Center, it’s the second recreation house that has existed in Millburn’s Taylor Park.

Millburn's stone recreation house, Taylor Park, c.1950s

The first one was built in 1934 (as seen above, enjoyed in the 1950s)…

Millburn's recreation house, c. 1960s, post-fire

…but it burned down in the 1960s. (Well, it was “destroyed by a fire.” I guess stone doesn’t burn down that easily.) You can kind of see the wreckage on the left side of the photo.

But anyway! Taylor Park is the subject of my postcard-worthy photo. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants in the City Daily Photo theme day!

[Also posted for Weekend Reflections.]



Lampe, O.W. (1999, 2000). Images of America: Millburn. Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, SC. ISBN 0738504130.


4 Comments to “Postcard-worthy!”

  1. Very nice. I actually really like the way you offset the photo so that the reflection isn’t dead-center symmetrical. It makes the photo a little mroe dynamic and brings out the colors in the water. 🙂


  2. This picture yopu took is awesome, but what is even best is to have the old pictures to explain the history of this particular house… Thanks for the sharing !

    • I’m really taking forever to respond to comments. Thank you! I try to be as enlightening as possible. And the photos make some very dry history slightly more interesting. 🙂

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