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The Northside YMCA, which isn’t a full YMCA, was the second Baptist Church of Scotch Plains for a little while.

Scotch Plains YMCA, which isn't really a YMCA, in context with lots of power lines.

Here are some dates of things:

  • 1816-1817: Used (built?) when the original Baptist meeting house burned to the ground.
  • 1871: They moved the building! This involved oxen. At this point, I think it was serving as Scotch Plain’s District 14 School.
  • 1890: A real school was built. This building continued being used as a parish house (?).
  • 1910: Purchased by J. Ackerman Coles and his sister Emile. I’m assuming renovations began about this time.
  • 1912: YMCA! With a new gymnasium, new bowling alleys, and a new columned façade (totally not original).

Scotch Plains not-actually-a-YMCA, c.1920ish?



Bousquet, R. and Bousquet, S. (1995). Images of America: Scotch Plains and Fanwood. Arcadia Publishing: Dover, NH. ISBN 0738563188.


2 Responses to “Not-really-a-YMCA”

  1. Love the history of this stately building….


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